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Oztec 1.2


Oztec 1.2 oz Electric Concrete Vibrator Power Unit

  • All Oztec Power Units (gas and electric) run power heads 11,000 to 12,000 vpm. They never drop below 10,000 vpm even in the lowest slump concrete (near 0) when maximum head size specifications are followed.

  • Electric Motors Oztec Electric motors are manufactured to exacting specifications to withstand the rough day-to-day abuses associated with construction sites. Lightweight, compact and fitted with our comfortable adjustable shoulder strap, this one man power unit will speed through the stiffest concrete. Using the Vibrator Selection Chart allows you to combine power units with any of Oztec’s steel or rubber vibrator heads for maximum productivity.

  • Oztec power units come standard with the Quick Disconnect QD system. Changing shafts and heads on the job is a snap.

  • Job Site Proven Tough, Rugged, and Durable. Oztec’s design has been extensively tested and used on-the-job for over thirty years. The wrap around protective frame and shock absorbers effectively protect Oztec

  • Oztec units meet all United States OSHA and Canadian safety standards.


​Amps: 9
HP: 1-1/4″
Max Steel Head Size: 1-1/2″
Max Rubber Head Size: None

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