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5-120 – 46"

-Walk-behind power trowel 5 blade factory balanced 100% tested

-This machine is supplied with rigid or a folding type handle

-Three year warranty on gearbox and handle bracket


  • Barikell is the premium power trowel with Italian style and finish. The Barikell 46" power trowel is powered by a GX270 Honda 4 stroke engine that comes with a 2 year warranty from Honda. 

  • With chrome ring, and handle it is extremely serviceable and will look great for years. 

  • It comes standard with a crane hook and lifting eyes. 

  • All of the controls are within easy reach to get the best out of it.


  • Dimensions 2070 x 1220 x 1000mm

  • Operating Weight 99kg

  • Rotor Diameter 1150mm

  • Ring Diameter 1200mm

  • Handle Type Straight

  • Blade operating Speed 60-138rpm

  • Max Blade Pitch 18degrees

  • Replacement Finishing Blades WX618

  • Replacement Combi Blades WX8180

  • Pan CFP047

  • Engine Type Honda GX270

  • Engine Capacity 270cc

  • Power kw (hp) 6.3kw (9hp)

  • Engine Speed 3600

  • Motor Oil 1.1L

  • Gearbox Oil 220 grade gear oil

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